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What we offer

Our services are amongst the best in the UK

Who says you can’t have it all? We offer energy, broadband, and mobile. Switch your utilities and save £300+ Not seeing savings after your first year? We’ll double the difference back and let you leave without exit fees.

Guaranteed savings on Engery

Our energy is always cheaper than the price cap. Get up to £50 off when you take energy and two other services.

£400 to help you switch

Enjoy £400 towards any early termination fees with your current suppliers - our way of making your transition smooth.

30 days test drive

With 30 days to change your mind, there's no pressure or penalties.
Leave without any contract charges.

Super Broadband Deals

With Full Fibre being rolled out in the UK, you could save your customers money and give them 6 months free fibre broadband.

Energy, Broadband & Mobile

An award-winning Wi-Fi Hub and reliable, superfast speeds Unlimited data, calls and texts with extra SIMs only £16 a month Save over £300/year Guaranteed savings with UW's Cashback Card

Save every day with up to 10% cashback

Get a UW cashback card and save up to 10% on your spend with top retailers like Sainsbury’s, M&S, Ikea and Argos. Every time you use your card, you earn cashback that comes straight off your monthly bill.

Partner Earnings

What you could Earn as a UW Partner

There are currently over 65,000 people from all walks of life - nurses, teachers, students, retirees - who've all joined to earn an additional income as a UW Partner.
And while our Partners get paid for introducing people to UW, they earn much more than an income.

Extra Cash

Working from home in your spare time.


  • 1 Customer can earn you £250
  • Work around family life.
  • Get out and meet new friends.
  • Recommend to neighbours/work mates.
Most Liked

Earn a Family changing income.


  • Full Training and Support.
  • Online Training and Videos.
  • Build up your Teams.
  • Start noticing the extra income.

Working building up a great team and recruiting Partners.


  • Residual Income.
  • Fantastic Perks and Bonuses.
  • Rise up the Ranks and skys the limit.
  • Help, Support and Team building , always.

Hi, my name is Gerry and I'm looking to building up my UW Team, I'd love you to be part of our success.

Our Partners get paid for introducing people to UW. But they don’t just help friends, family and neighbours save on their household bills. They also get to build something for themselves, whether that’s a business, a side-hustle or simply a means to an end.
We help Partners get on in life and achieve what matters to them, whatever that may be.

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Latest news

Whats it mean to be a UW Partner

People from all walks of life have benefited from being a UW Partner, look at some of the examples below.


Health professionals

Working in the NHS is a labour of love, and yet some workers are looking for ways to buy back their time, and even retire earlier.
Meet Paul, Fran, Kathy and Debra, who have found that becoming a Utility Warehouse business partner perfectly complements their successful careers in the NHS.


More Money & Confidence With UW

Find out how Kamila, Daniel and Gill let nothing get in their way for success.
In this video we hear from Kamila, Daniel, and Gill who have all made a real success of their UW Businesses - and have seen their own confidence boosted as a result. The UW opportunity really does offer more than just an additional income.


See how UW can help young people earn an addition income even between studies.

Young UW Partners talk about how UW gives them time freedom, income, and helps them plan for the future.


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